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Editor’s Note: I was so traumatized by UnHung Hero I had to quickly whip out a movie that made me believe in sex again!

Bruce LaBruce’s: Super 8 1/2

For those dark-skinned Princes who love punkish, gritty and underground films you need to see this classic by Canadian queer director Bruce LaBruce Super 8 1/2. This film not only epitomizes the guttural sexual reaction which any white wife should cultivate for a dark-skinned prince, but plays up on the alternatives to traditional sex encounters through the eyes of an porn star who no longer does films. 

Though some dark-skinned princes may find it a little long, to artsy and throws advanced concepts on sex; stick with it. LaBruce is what I call a “Sex Thug” meaning a sexual renegade, putting concepts to homosexual encounters in an artistic form, long before it became fashionable in mainstream film.

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