My tattooist Daniel Innes’ prep sheet for my new Sal Mineo tattoo

My new Sal Mineo tattoo by Daniel Innes

Bruce LaBruce on Gerontophilia, opening soon at VIFF | Daily Xtra


Bruce LaBruce’s Hustler White. 

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Gerontophilia | 2013 | Bruce Labruce


"Polaroids" by Ferry Van Der Nat

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Hustler White (Bruce LaBruce, 1996)

bruce labruce on sex, scent, and what it means to be obscene

Having made pornographic films in which a neo-Nazi skinhead jerks off onto a copy of Mein Kampf, or in which an alien zombie fucks dead people back to life, Canadian artist and filmmaker Bruce LaBruce is no stranger to the idea of obscenity. Known for employing these pornographic tropes as larger political or contextual vehicles, Bruce’s most recent exhibition, Obscenity, which opened last week at The Hole gallery, is certainly no exception. i-D’s Arts Editor and Hole head honcho Kathy Grayson spoke to Bruce at the opening of his exhibition and perfume debut about sex, scent, and what it means to be obscene.


Hustler White (Bruce LaBruce, 1996)

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